Larimer Humane Society continues to support animals from the areas impacted by the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome Fires and is ready to temporarily house animals affected in all evacuation areas.

This page provides information for:

  • Fire evacuees who need animal assistance (transport and/or housing)
  • Individuals wishing to help
  • Community members looking to access our regular services (adoptions, owner surrender, etc.)

For individuals impacted by evacuations:

1.) If you need assistance evacuating your animals, please contact our Animal Protection & Control dispatch as soon as possible at 970-226-3647, ext. 7

2.) If you are needing to evacuate due to the Cameron Peak or East Troublesome-Thompson Fires, we can provide temporary housing and/or transportation for all small companion animals.

3.) If you have questions about where to take barnyard animals or livestock, please call 970-498-5359.

4.) Frequently asked questions about temporary housing for evacuated animals:

  • Who will be taking care of my animal? What do I need to bring?
    • Shelter staff will provide housing and daily care to all animals staying at their facility.
    • Food, water, and bedding will be provided to all animals during the duration of the evacuation.
    • Please keep toys, blankets, and personal food with you so they are not misplaced in the shelter.
  • My animal is on medication/special diet/has special needs – will that be taken care of? 
    • Please bring all medication, clearly labeled with specific directions; staff will administer medication as prescribed.
    • If your animal is on a prescription diet as prescribed by a doctor, the shelter will accommodate their feeding. Please bring food, clearly labeled with the animal’s name and feeding directions written on the bag or container. We ask that only animals with very specific dietary needs, as diagnosed by a doctor continue to eat their current food. 
  • How will animals be cared for? 
    • Rest assured that your animal will have a warm kennel with a cozy blanket and receive quality care and love during this time. 
    • All animals will receive quality food and water throughout their stay. 
  • Will I be able to visit my animal?
    • Although you may find comfort in visiting your animal during the course of the evacuation, it can be more difficult to them to have to adjust to you coming and leaving. 
    • We ask, instead, that you call Larimer Humane Society for updates.
  • How long can my animal stay and how much does it cost?
    • Animals will be sheltered for the entire course of the evacuations, they will stay until you are able to pick them up. 
    • Animals will be held at no cost while evacuation orders remain in place.
    • Long term arrangements can be made on an as-needed basis to ensure your animal is in safe care.
  • I could not locate my animal upon evacuating, what do I do?
    • Visit Larimer Humane Society to walk through our stray animals.
    • File a lost report with Larimer Humane Society to ensure we keep an eye out for your lost pet. 

For individuals wishing to help

Monetary donations to Larimer Humane Society are the most needed at this time. Donations can be made at the following pages:

Larimer Humane Society

Assistance During the Cameron Peak fire

Thank you for your interest in supporting the animals at Larimer Humane Society during the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome fires. Our needs are changing by the day, and our staff is busily working to respond quickly to the changing direction of the fire while keeping care for the animals top of mind. You can help us by sharing your offer for support on this form. If we can utilize your resource – now or in the coming weeks – we will connect with you directly. If we do not respond to your offer, please know we are still deeply grateful for your generosity.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we assist our community during this unprecedented time.