Since 1969, Larimer Humane Society has brought together families and pets, creating forever homes for animals. For much of this time, we have also partnered with the community to assist families and pets who are caught in the middle of an emergency or a crisis, as we work to keep them safe and together during difficult times.

We have had a stark reminder of this over the last few weeks as Larimer County has dealt with the Cameron Peak and Lewstone Fires, both of which have had Larimer Humane Society on-call and ready to provide assistance where it is needed. Today we wanted to share the impact our organization and your support has during times like these.

Larimer Humane Society is the designated lead agency for companion animals in Larimer County. Services that we provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Assist in the evacuation of companion animals
  • Assistance in providing water and food to companion animals still on the property
  • Sheltering temporarily displaced animals at Larimer Humane Society or assisting in arranging other temporary housing at no extra cost to the pet owner

The High Park Fire in 2012 was a testament to the assistance and impact that our services can provide during disaster situations. Here was the High Park Fire by the numbers, which shows how prepared Larimer Humane Society is when these situations arise:

  • Larimer Humane Society cared for 627 animals who were evacuated during the fire.
  • 275 volunteers assisted our efforts, providing 2,244 volunteer hours during the duration of the event.
  • Our Animal Protection and Control officers made 251 trips directly into the fire zone to assist with evacuating animals.
  • The community wrapped their arms around our efforts by providing 250 in-kind donations which processed a total of $21,772 in value.

The numbers say one story, but hearing from those affected by emergencies like this shows how important these services are. As one High Park Fire evacuee stated, “You gave us hope when we were really feeling down. And you told us to call you if we were not able to get Ringo – we really felt we were in capable hands.”

Fast forward to 2020, and our team has once again worked together to help families in need who are affected by the Cameron Peak and Lewstone Fires.

  • Larimer Humane Society has had staff at every Emergency Operations Center (EOC) briefing since the start of the Cameron Peak fire. These briefings occur twice a day in the morning and evening.
  • We have provided temporary housing to animals affected by the Lewstone Fire, and have worked with the community in compiling a contact list for families that need long-term temporary housing for their companion animals affected by the fires.
  • Our officers have signed up as overnight backups since the start of the Cameron Peak Fire and will continue to offer their on-call services until the fire starts to recede.

When emergencies arise, whether it is a tornado, wildfire, the COVID-19 pandemic, or other life-threatening situations, Larimer Humane Society will be at the forefront to help keep our families and pets together.

If you’d like to be part of our Larimer Humane Society family and are interested in providing a monetary donation to help provide our animals a second chance while supporting our staff in these efforts, please follow this link to our donations page.