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Re-homing Your Pet

At Larimer Humane Society, we realize that there are times when owners can no longer care for their pets and we know how difficult a decision this can be. If you have a pet you can no longer care for, please call us first to discuss your situation. Re-homing your pet is not an easy choice to make and we are here to help you with the process.

If you’re surrendering your pet due to a behavior concern, please explore our online help sheets and/or seek the guidance of an animal behaviorist or trainer.

If you are confident in your decision to surrender your pet, please complete our dog surrender form or cat surrender form. You can also download our pdfdog surrender form or pdfcat surrender form. This can be done at the shelter or you can download it and complete it in the comfort of your own home.

As an independent, not-for-profit organization, we ask for a $30 pet relinquishment fee. No pet will be turned away for due to an owner’s inability to pay. This relinquishment fee helps us care for nearly 12,000 animals each year, both wild and domestic. Surrender fees vary for exotics, fish and farm animals.


When surrendering my pet, what do I need to bring with me to the shelter?

  • A completed dog surrender form or cat surrender form. If you have not yet completed one, we will provide one to you at the shelter to complete.
  • Your pet’s vaccination and medical records.
  • Information about your pet’s likes, dislikes, daily habits.
  • Information about your pet’s compatibility with other dogs, cats and children.
  • If the pet had an owner prior to you, as much information on the pet’s history as you know.
  • Toys, blankets, etc. will be accepted, but please know we cannot guarantee that these items will remain with your pet.
  • A current ID. (You must be 18 or older to surrender an animal.)

What will happen to my pet upon intake?

When you relinquish your pet to Larimer Humane Society, your animal will be immediately vaccinated upon intake. Soon after, your pet will be evaluated for potential placement in our adoptions program. (Please note: We cannot guarantee that your pet will be placed up for adoption or adopted from our facility. Other options we may consider for your pet include transfer to another shelter, placement with a breed-specific rescue group or humane euthanasia.)

When a cat or dog is ready to be evaluated for potential placement through our adoption program, your pet will meet with our Evaluation and Enrichment coordinators and undergo a behavioral examination. Cats receive the ASPCA’s Feline-ality™ assessment and dogs undergo the SAFER™ (Safety Assessment for Evaluating Rehoming) behavior screening developed by the ASPCA to identify any potential aggression issues.  If no aggression issues are present, our shelter team will work the veterinary staff to ensure all potentially adoptable dogs and cats are given a through health evaluation, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  Once the dogs are cleared for health, Larimer Humane Society’s Evaluation and Enrichment coordinators and volunteers once again take the helm to complete the Canine-ality® Meet Your Match™ personality assessment. If space is available and your pet clears both the behavioral and health evaluations, he or she will be placed up for adoption.

How long does the surrender process take?

Your involvement in the surrender process may take up to 45 to 60 minutes, depending on whether or not you’ve already completed the surrender form. To save time during the process, please download the surrender profiles and complete prior to your visit. The more information you provide about the pet you are surrendering, the easier it is for us to find a home that is suitable for him or her. 

To save time, please consider visiting us during our less busy times which are approximately one hour after opening and at least three hours before close. Opening, lunch time and after work hours are our busiest times.

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3501 E 71st Street
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