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We have moved! Visit us at our new forever home at 3501 E 71st Street, Loveland, CO 80538

Alarm Clock CollageWelcome to Pets of the Week! Today we are featuring some very special pets who will need some special love and care. Meet Roxanne, an eleven-month-old Labrador mix with a neurological condition, JJ, a five-year-old orange Manx who is FIV positive, and Alarm Clock, a young rooster who needs a home outside of city limits.

Do you have room in your heart -- and your home -- for a sweet puppy that needs extra care? Roxanne is an eleven-month-old Labrador mix who has cerebral hypoplasia. This condition is caused by the cerebellum in the brain being underdeveloped, and causes the affected animal to walk oddly, bob their head, or move awkwardly. In fact, cerebral hypoplasia is also known as “wobbly cat syndrome!” Don’t worry, Roxanne is not a cat in disguise. Roxanne still exhibits many normal dog behaviors -- she likes to go on walks, she loves attention, and she likes being near her people. She will just need some extra help getting around, and will need routine vet care. Would you like to meet her? Roxanne is in foster care and is not at the shelter, so call us today to discuss the next steps! Roxanne can go home for $175.

Next in line is JJ, a five-year-old orange Manx cat! Manx cats are known for their bobbed tails, and JJ is no exception! He has an adorable little nub tail. JJ is a very sweet and affectionate cat who loves to be near people! JJ is also Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) positive, which means that he has a weakened immune system. This handsome orange kitty will need to be indoors only and will need to live in a clean environment in order to keep him healthy. He can safely live as an only cat, but he could live with other cats if they get along. FIV positive cats often live long, healthy lives and go about their day as a normal cat would! Could JJ be the perfect companion for you? His adoption fee has been sponsored, so all he needs is you!

Do you have trouble oversleeping? Do the kids never get out of bed on time? How often are you late? Well all of that is over now! Larimer Humane Society has the only alarm you’ll ever need. Say hello to Alarm Clock! This one-year-old rooster is handsome, dashing, and would love to come live with you! If you have property outside of city limits, Alarm Clock and our other chickens are looking for their perfect home. Best of all, this Alarm Clock is organic, cordless, and never needs replacement batteries. Do you need some cute chickens in your life? Come by the shelter and meet them today! Alarm Clock and our other roosters have waived adoption fees, so nothing is stopping you!

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3501 E 71st Street
Loveland, CO 80538

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