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We have moved! Visit us at our new forever home at 3501 E 71st Street, Loveland, CO 80538

Princess Misty Buddy picIt’s time again for Pets of the Week! This week we have Princess, a sweet, independent ten-year-old cat, as well as Misty, a friendly black and white short haired cat. We will also be introducing Buddy, a red-eared slider turtle that is looking for a home where he can swim, relax, and (most importantly) be part of a family!

Meet Princess! This ten-year-old lady has beautiful black and white long hair, and a need for a loving home! She originally came to Larimer Humane Society with a urinary track infection, which caused some house-soiling issues. We treated her infection, but she came back to us a few months later after moving houses had caused her to start soiling again. We realized that Princess just needs a calm, quiet home without too many big life changes, so that she doesn’t get so unsettled. Princess also needs to be the only cat in the house, as she is very independent and has some medical waivers. However, don’t let her needs fool you—older cats are often lower maintenance than younger ones, like kittens, that need constant interaction and supervision. Princess is an independent cat that likes her space, but deep down just needs to be loved! She is also good with kids, which is pretty special. She can go home with you for just $25.

Misty is our second cat in the lineup, a five-year-old female with short black and white fur. Friendly, vocal, and affectionate, she would make a fantastic friend if you are looking for a pet to interact and cuddle with! Sadly, she was brought to us after house-soiling, which we found out was the result of an uncomfortable bladder condition. To help her get better, she needs to be on a wet food diet with lots of access to water. However, at just five years old, she has a long, healthy life ahead of her now that we know how to help. Apart from her fancy diet, Misty just needs love – she can be part of your family for $45!

Looking for a less common pet? Buddy might be a great fit for you! Buddy is a twelve-year-old red-eared slider turtle just looking for a family to hang out with. He has lots of love left to give, as this type of turtle can live up to 20 years! Although Buddy is pretty small, he needs a home with room for his large tank and heating light, so that he can enjoy normal behaviors like basking and swimming. Other than space, Buddy is pretty low-maintenance, so if you are looking for a relaxing, semi-aquatic companion, you should come in and meet him! Buddy’s adoption fee has been waived, so bring him home today!

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3501 E 71st Street
Loveland, CO 80538

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