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Living with Wildlife

LHS_Wildlife_160x600Northern Colorado is home to an abundant wildlife population.  Although these animals are wonderful to observe, they can also pose a conflict with humans. Prevention is key. When you provide a food source, wildlife begin to expect and depend on your generosity. Wild animals are capable of finding food on their own. Follow these guidelines to prevent conflicts with wild animals.

  • Store all trash in lid-tight containers and keep it in the garage or a shed until the scheduled pick-up day.  Garbage provides an easy food source for all wildlife.
  • Keep pet food inside.
  • Secure pet doors during evening and nighttime hours.
  • Cover window wells.
  • Close holes around and under the foundation of your home and outbuilding so animals will not be tempted to burrow and den. 
  • Screen fireplace chimneys, furnace, attic and dryer vents, and keep dampers closed to avoid unwanted guests.
  • Chimneys are like hollow trees.  Use chimney caps year-round and be sure to check them annually to make sure they're in place.
  • Fence gardens and cover fruit trees with netting to protect your harvest.  Scarecrows, hardware ground cloth and lights are other deterrents that can be effective in gardens. 
  • Check and repair any damaged, loose or rotten boards that overhang your roof. Squirrels, bats, and birds find this easy access into your house.

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