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"Larimer Humane Society's mission is to promote and provide the humane care and treatment of animals."

Current Shelter


A Shelter in Shambles: Snapshots of the Need for a New Facility


Paint. Caulk. Duct tape. Nails. Bungee cords. You name it, we’ve got it somewhere in our shelter. Half of the staff members freeze in the winter and sweat in the summer in a warehouse-turned-office space where supplies are stacked to the ceiling. The other half work in closet-sized offices with cracked floors and virtually no noise barrier against the sounds of floor_resizedbarking dogs, meowing cats and the general bustle of the shelter environment.

The large dogs available for adoption in our shelter bark in frustration by the small size of their kennels and our shy cats retreat to the back of their cages, too afraid to show their personalities to those who come to visit.

A single hallway serves as the thoroughfare for all animals, whether it be a well-behaved adoptable dog heading out for a walk or an unvaccinated, stray animal picked up by animal control officers. Every animal picked up by animal control walks through the veterinary department. Combine this structural issue with an ancient ventilation system and you have the perfect storm for diseases to spread.

That’s the Bad News. Here’s the Good News.

Despite this challenging environment, Larimer Humane Society staff and volunteers do amazing, life-changing work every day. Last year alone, almost 3,200 animals got a second chance in a forever home. More than 2,000 frantic pet owners wervolunteers_resizede reunited with their four-legged family members and 700 wild animals were released back into their natural habitat. Volunteers donated more than 50,000 hours of service to help Larimer Humane Society give innocent animals everything they need including safe, comfortable shelter, nutritious food, lifesaving medical care and an endless supply of love until they can find their forever home.

Looking Ahead

You can help us build a better world for shelter pets! Hard hat tours of our new shelter coming soon! Check back for updates.

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