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Bolt Update

Bolt: A Community United


Great news! Bolt’s story has a happy ending! Thanks to the concern and kindness of some great organizations, as of December 5, 2014, Bolt will no longer have to be on a chain when he is outside. A generous donor provided fencing for a 10 x 20 dog run, a new doghouse, bed, a thick mat and toys. Working with Larimer Humane Society Animal Protection and Control and the dog’s owner, a local contractor donated his time to construct the new “digs” for Bolt. Meanwhile, Bolt himself was away getting neutered – a gift of Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay Neuter Clinic. Once Bolt recuperates, more photos will be added. Thanks to all of you for your concern for this dog. Your commitment to the welfare of animals in our community is truly amazing!


Miss Kitty

A Long Term Resident Finds a New Home

Over the past week, one of our longest term residents found her forever home. Miss Kitty had called the shelter "home" for 120 days before she was adopted last week! She is a very friendly cat, but just kept getting overlooked. That all changed when one of our volunteers was assisting in our cat room and fell in love with Miss Kitty. The two bonded instantly, and finally after some convincing meowing, Miss Kitty charmed her way into the hearts and laps of her new family. 

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Animal Protection and Control Follow Up on Pit Bull in Larimer County

Animal Protection and Control Follow Up on Pit Bull in Larimer County


An officer with Larimer Humane Society’s Animal Control and Protection unit revisited a residence in unincorporated Larimer County Thursday to ensure that proper improvements had been made for the care and shelter of a pit bull discovered tied to a tree with inadequate shelter for the current weather conditions.

According to Bill Porter, Director of Animal Protection and Control, the owner has been extremely compliant throughout the investigation and has built a shelter for the dog. Straw and blankets for bedding were provided by Larimer Humane Society to better protect the dog from the elements. As well, the owner is continuing to make improvements to the dog’s situation and is working Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter Clinic to provide vaccines and sterilization for this particular dog as well as their other unaltered dogs on the property.

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Aussie came to Larimer Humane Society as a puppy, surrendered by a breeder due to a birth defect called “megaesophagus”. The ailment makes it difficult for animals to eat and digest their food, which often presents additional medical complications.

Knowing that this condition could be treatable with surgery, Larimer Humane Society’s veterinary staff knew just where to turn. Skilled surgeons at Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital were able to correct Aussie’s condition in order to help him eat and digest more naturally.

A little bigger and after having made a full recovery, Aussie’s adoptive family reports that he has a new issue -- a serious case of the wiggles! This joyful pup finds it almost impossible to keep still.

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