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Larimer Humane Society Breaks Ground on New Shelter

 Larimer Humane Society Ground Breaking 05042016 9924Larimer Humane Society broke ground on their new shelter located on County Road 30 in Loveland, Colorado on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 11 a.m.

Larimer Humane Society’s dream of building a better world for pets through a new shelter has been 10 years in the making. Over the past eight years, Larimer Humane Society has conducted research to inform new, best-practice based programming, and in 2007 they  made the first tangible step of making their dream come true by purchasing the land on County Road 30. On November 4, 2014 the residents of Larimer County made building a better world for pets their dream too by voting Yes on 200 and passing a special purpose, local sales tax that would allocate one penny for every ten dollars to fund a new shelter for homeless pets.

“A lot of people have worked for a long time to make this happen,” said Jane Sullivan, committee chair for Building a Better World for Pets capital campaign. “It’s going to become a reality and will truly be a community shelter.”

Larimer Humane Society’s current shelter is overcrowded, deteriorating and simply no longer meets the needs of the community and the animals they care for. Animal sheltering in the 21st century requires time and space to employ best practices that address the needs of an increasingly challenging population of animals. The new shelter will allow Larimer Humane Society to provide extended medical care and behavioral modification for more animals to become adoptable. The new facility will be so much more than a shelter: it will be a rehabilitation center, an education center, a dog park, a veterinarian clinic for shelter animals, a place to uphold ordinances that keep animals and the community safe and most importantly, a place for people and animals to find each other and find love.

“Every 30 seconds, a lost, homeless, abused, neglected, unwanted or abandoned animal enters our care,’ said Judy Calhoun, Executive Director of Larimer Humane Society. “We currently find nine of ten pets a caring home; but we can do better and this new shelter will allow us to do just that.”


Larimer Humane Society Takes in 10 Dogs Rescued from South Korean Dog Meat Farm

 South Korea Dog Meat Farm 2Ten dogs rescued from deplorable conditions of a South Korea dog meat farm by Humane Society International (HSI) will receive their second chance at a loving home in Colorado with the help of Larimer Humane Society. The ten dogs arriving at Larimer Humane Society are part of a group of 250 dogs and puppies rescued by HIS’s Animal Rescue Team from a dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea. These dogs have been living in filthy, cramped cages exposed to the elements and given only enough food to survive. Many suffer from disease, injury, malnutrition and were subject to terrible, daily neglect and cruelty. The breeds of the ten dogs arriving in Colorado include four Mastiffs, three Jindo mixes, two Husky mixes and one Labrador mix.

Upon arrival in Colorado, the dogs will be transported to Larimer Humane Society and two other partner agencies from the Northern Colorado Regional Animal Welfare Coalition, Animal House and Black Dog Animal Rescue, will admit the ten dogs into their care where they will receive a full medical and behavioral evaluation. Before being made available for adoption the dogs will be treated for any medical issues and begin any necessary behavior modification to help socialize the fearful and shy dogs.

“We believe every animal deserves a second chance and we pride ourselves on being an open admission shelter, taking in every animal that comes to us,” said Judy Calhoun, Executive Director of Larimer Humane Society. “It’s pretty amazing that we are able to help in a rescue like this in our current shelter, image what we will be able to accomplish in our new shelter! But at the end of the day it is collaborations like this with Humane Society International and the Northern Colorado Regional Animal Welfare Coalition that make second chances for animals in need possible.”


Larimer Humane Society to take trip to 'South Pawcific'

2015 TCT South Pawcific COLOR GRADIENT WHITE OUTLINEThe Larimer Humane Society wants to add a little bit of the Pacific to its love of paws Saturday during the 17th annual Top Cat & Tails Gala.

To do this, the nonprofit came up with this year's theme of South Pawcific for a tropical getaway and evening in paradise. The evening will feature a gourmet dinner, silent and live auctions and live tropical music from Fort Collins band Toco Bay.

"We try to do something fun and different every year," said Danielle Hastings, marketing and community relations manager for the Larimer Humane Society. "We take something popular, spin it and make it our own special event."

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Dogs surrendered by no-kill rescue find new home

635788073668969064 BounceThree of the four dogs surrendered to Larimer Humane Society by a no-kill animal rescue this week have found a temporary home with a new animal rescue.

The animals, which were surrendered by All Aboard Animal Rescue's medical director, Dr. Eric Boehmer, earlier this week, were transferred to Bounce Rescue Friday. Bounce was formed by All Aboard Animal Rescue's former executive director, Ashley Dinger, after her Sept. 10 departure from the organization.

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Strife at no-kill rescue leads to surrender of animals

B9318963802Z.1 20150924094249 000 GSBC19RUU.1 0Four dogs from a Fort Collins no-kill dog rescue are in limbo after being surrendered to the Larimer Humane Society this week following the departure of three of the rescue’s four staff members.

Eric Boehmer, medical director of All Aboard Animal Rescue and veterinarian at Animal Hospital of Colorado, asked Animal Protection and Control to pick up three adult dogs and one puppy from his veterinary practice on Monday.

Boehmer, who is the rescue’s only remaining staff member, signed owner surrender paperwork for the animals Tuesday, making them eligible for Larimer Humane’s adoption process.

As of Wednesday, all four dogs were undergoing the behavioral and medical evaluations standard at Larimer Humane Society before an animal can be put up for adoption.

Humane Society spokeswoman Danielle Hastings said shelter staff believe the dogs will pass the evaluations. Though the Humane Society is not officially designated a no-kill rescue, the shelter had a live release rate of 87 percent of the 2,447 animals it took in last year.

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