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Animal Protection & Control: We Are Their Voice

Larimer Humane Society October 2017 765For nearly 37 years, Larimer Humane Society’s Animal Protection and Control team have protected people and animals in northern Colorado. Over the years Animal Protection and Control have evolved from a simple contract with the city and county to assist with picking up strays to a team whose days include following up on animal bites, park patrols, animal cruelty, neglect and welfare investigations, court hearings and much more.

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A Better Shelter for Homeless Pets

Making a Difference for Fearful Animals

Shelters can be a stressful environment for animals. New noises, new smells, and the “not knowing” can cause behavior issues presented by shy or fearful animals to worsen. When it came to the design of our new shelter, we put the needs of the animals in our care first. Our new shelter has allowed us to strengthen our commitment to healthier, happier pets. We are proud to see the environmental enrichment features of our new shelter truly benefiting the animals in our care. Here are two stories of how the design of our new shelter made a difference for homeless animals in need.

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Rabies Safety

APC with racoonSo far in 2018, there have been 13 confirmed cases of rabies positive skunks in Larimer County. As pet owners and community members, we should always be vigilant around wildlife and take steps to keep both pets and our community safe from diseases like rabies. Read more for our top 10 rabies safety tips. 

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The Great Rat Rescue

DSC 0357 CopyFor more than 80 rats that were heartlessly abandoned in the freezing cold, the thoughtful and informed actions of two good Samaritans made the difference between life and death. 

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