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His Best Friend Turned on Him

Sparky's Story is Hard to Watch

April 17, 2014

Sparky beforeA few weeks ago, we received a disturbing video. We watched with knots in our stomachs as Sparky’s owner slammed him against a fence and punched him in the face. It’s hard to imagine how someone could treat their devoted buddy this way. It’s even harder to imagine Sparky trusting people again after his best friend turned on him like that. But he does.Sparky after

Animal Control to the Rescue
We took action immediately. We were determined to rescue Sparky from the home before it could happen again. Officers Downs and Denogean took the case, welcoming the adorable pup into our shelter with open arms and charging his owner with animal cruelty.

Meet Sparky, Be Inspired
We were amazed by Sparky’s happy-go-lucky, trusting nature right from the start. He’s an 11-month-old Chihuahua with a glass-half-full attitude, a goofy jokester that wants nothing more than to make you smile. You’d never believe the past this resilient pooch has endured.

Waiting for His Second Chance
On April 15th, it was time to find Sparky a new family. One that lets him know he’s a “good boy” and throws tennis balls instead of punches. He was put up for adoption and is currently waiting for his second chance. View his profile and share it with your friends - we hope to have him resting easy in his new home by nightfall.

You can help us rescue more animals like Sparky from situations that are scary and unfair. Make a gift of any amount today and provide second chances to the deserving animals in our care.





Icicle's Story

April 4, 2014

Icicle before for web

When Icicle was brought
into the shelter, his eyes
and nose were crusted
shut due to his severe illness.

A Good Samaritan brought Icicle to us in mid-December after discovering this 2-month-old stray kitten wandering and sick. He had a severe upper respiratory infection causing his tiny eyes and nose to be crusted shut. Thanks to support from Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation, we were able to provide him with the medication he needed and give our foster volunteers all the necessary supplies to help nurse him back to health.

After receiving T.L.C. for two months in his foster home, Icicle was ready to head back to the shelter in search of his forever home. He became available for adoption on Valentine’s Day and very quickly found his second chance at love on February 15th. Icicle is now a playful, sweet, healthy kitten.

Icicle after for web





'I knew he was the one'

By Kathryn McAllister

March 20, 2014

GaugeWhen Angie Vesely and her boyfriend were looking to add a new dog to their family, they had a pretty good idea what kind of dog would fit well.

“I checked the Humane Society website all the time,” said Angie. “When I saw Duke, I knew he was the one.”

That evening, Angie left work an hour early to rush over to the Larimer Humane Society shelter before it closed. Her other dog, a Border collie mix, Jake, was already with her, as she and her colleagues are allowed to bring their dogs to work.

When she introduced her dog Jake to Duke, he initially “seemed to care less, and Duke just wanted to play,” said Angie. However, once she adopted Duke and brought him home, “the two dogs have been best friends ever since.”

Angie and her boyfriend decided to change Duke’s name to “Gauge.” She said, “He is by far the best dog I’ve ever had – Don’t tell Jake! He’s been awesome at my work. He's learned a bunch of new tricks and even was taught how to ‘sit pretty’ by a little girl at my work.” She added that Gauge seems to be one of the favorite dogs that accompany their pet parents to her workplace.

Inevitably, everyone always asks, “What kind of dog is he?” Angie decided it would be fun to find out more about Gauge’s lineage, and she bought a DNA testing kit at her work. “I knew he was a Husky, but you could definitely tell he was mixed with something else.” The test results came back and identified Gauge as a Husky/Pit Bull mix.

Angie said she is “so thankful” to Larimer Humane Society for bringing her and Gauge together. “Thank you, for all you do!”




A  Second Chance for Sammy

February 24, 2014

Sammy giving Hug2


They say life begins at retirement and that is certainly true for Sammy the cat. This 14-year-old feline was surrendered to the shelter after his long-time owners developed an allergy to him. Staff and volunteers felt badly for Sammy, this mature and well-mannered cat went from resting easy in his home to being shuffled through a shelter, hoping for a second chance at love.

That's exactly what Sammy got. He joined a loving family with another feline, Kitteh a 2-year-old Ragdoll and a canine, Jasmine a Rough Collie/Chow mix. His new owners let us know that Sammy is now named Mr. President and loves to lay around the house and cuddle. His favorite thing to do is give hugs to his humans.



A  Special Halloween Treat
By Kathryn McAllister

February 17, 2014

coogieWith the leaves changing, a crispness in the air, and Halloween around the corner, an incredibly cuddly and fluffy cat was intent on giving one family a sweet surprise treat.

Tyler explained how his parents encountered a medium-hair, gray tiger-striped cat when they were outside calling for one of their cats to come home. Tyler said that to their surprise this sweet and friendly stray fellow came bounding towards them. These cat lovers couldn’t turn their backs on this fluffy guy with the palest of green eyes. They decided to give him food and care for the night with the plan of taking him to the Larimer Humane Society shelter the next day.

Tyler's parents decided to surprise him with a visit that night. Tyler said that when they brought “Coogie” over to his place, “he acted as though he had been there all along. He investigated each room and then plopped up on a chair in the living room and groomed himself.” Tyler said he had long wanted a cat and now he finally had a place of his own that he could share with a furry friend.

Tyler said that Coogie looked underweight, was not neutered, and did not have a microchip. Clearly, he had been neglected and needed a loving home. After a week with the gentle and caring staff of  Larimer Humane Society, no one came to claim Coogie, so Tyler carried out his plan of adopting him. “I decided to call him ‘Coogie’ (aka ‘Coogers’) as he has very large paws, in addition to massive amounts of fluff around his neck, like a lion.”

On the drive to his new home, Coogie was not about to let the cardboard cat carrier stop him from reuniting with his new pet dad. He broke out, had a look around, and then decided to cuddle in Tyler’s lap and purred all the way home.

Tyler said that Coogie is as sweet as he is fluffy. He never bites or scratches or messes with his upholstered furniture. “You could not ask for a sweeter creature. He loves to cuddle and roll over on his back so I can pet him,” said Tyler. Commenting on Coogie’s purring abilities, Tyler noted that “he did come with a touch-start motor, as well.”


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