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Celebrate Dog Bite Prevention Week

Safety Tips for Your Two- and Four-legged Family Members

May 28, 2014

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In honor of Dog Bite Prevention Week in May, we thought it appropriate to share with you some vital information to keep your two- and four-legged family safe. This information was compiled from research findings about dog bites in Colorado provided by the Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs (CLSD).

Who is Most Likely to Experience a Dog Bite?
Children under the age of 14 were found most likely to get bitten by a dog with nine and 10-year-old boys topping the list. Take action to ensure your child’s safety by always supervising your children when around dogs and teaching them how to treat animals properly. Kids can act in ways that are unpredictable to pets and can scare them into aggression.

Which Dogs are Most Likely to Bite?
Any dog can bite given the right (or wrong!) circumstances. Likelihood of a specific breed biting more often than another is directly related to the number of dogs with that breed in a population. The most common circumstances involving a dog bite are: dogs running at large, humans interfering in dog fighting or play, and food, toy or property guarding,

Prevention Tips
1) Always supervise children around dogs.
2) Take advantage of behavioral resources to ensure your dog’s exercise, socialization and behavioral needs are met.
3) Don’t judge a dog by his/her “cover.” Any dog can bite.
4) Keep dogs leashed when in public and always provide proper supervision and housing for your dog when enclosed in a yard.

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