Animal waste is smelly, unsightly and, if not disposed of properly, can be health hazard. Larimer County indicates any owner or keeper of a pet animal is creating a public nuisance if “a pet animal...which creates offensive odors which materially interfere with or disrupt another person in the conduct of lawful activities at such person's home or which urinates or defecates upon private property not owned or exclusively occupied by the owner or keeper or upon public property if the feces deposited by the pet animal are not immediately removed by the owner or keeper." Section 6-78 (1).

Unfortunately, due to our case load, our officers are not always able to patrol parks and trails. If you witness a dog owner or caretakers’ failure to pick up after their pet, please kindly approach them and ask them to clean up after their pet.

If you notice repeated incidences of this ordinance being overlooked, please contact Larimer Humane Society’s Animal Protection & Control department and, depending on available staff and resources, we may send an officer out to the scene to investigate or we will schedule a time to meet with your home owners association or property managers, if applicable.

For more information regarding animal waste as it pertains to Larimer County's Land Use Code, Chapter 6, Animals, please visit section 6-78 (1).