Even the most responsible pet owners can be accidentally separated from their pets. Each year, Larimer Humane Society receives close to 5,000 stray animals. Licensed pets that wander away from home can be returned to their owner without ever coming to the shelter. Lost pets not in compliance with the local pet license ordinance will be brought to Larimer Humane Society.

If you encounter a stray animal and feel comfortable bringing it into the shelter, please do so. If the animal you encounter is wearing its license tag, you can call Larimer Humane Society and obtain the owner’s contact information to notify the owner that you have their animal.

For more information regarding the stray animals as it pertains to the Larimer County Land Use Code, Chapter 6, please visit section 6-76, "Dogs at Large Prohibited."

Impound and boarding fees will apply to pets brought into the shelter. For more information regarding stray animal impoundment as it pertains to the Larimer County Land Use Code, Chapter 6, please visit Article V: Impoundment and Reclamation and sections 6-101, 6-102, 6-102, 6-104, 6-105, 6-106. 


Impound & Boarding Fees

The impound fee for pets wearing their license tag is $40.
The impound fee for licensed pets not wearing their tag and unlicensed pets is $60.

In addition to the impound fee, an additional $15 boarding fee will apply per calendar day.

Stray animals are held for five days, not including the day the animal was impounded. After the five-day waiting period, stray animals become the property of Larimer Humane Society and are evaluated for potential placement in our adoptions program.

If your pet is lost, please check our lost pets section.