Unreasonable pet noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of any person by barking, whining, howling, yowling, squawking or making any other noise in an excessive, continuous or untimely fashion should be reported. 

Steps to filing a barking dog complaint:

Step 1: Communicate with the pet owner

When there is a barking dog in your neighborhood Larimer Humane Society advises that you talk with your neighbor before making a complaint. It is possible that the owner does not realize that the dog is barking and causing a disturbance; dogs tend to bark when their owner(s) are not home. Try to work out a mutually agreeable and reasonable solution in a neighborly manner.

If you are uncomfortable approaching your neighbor directly, Larimer Humane Society advises you print the noisy pet letter for your corresponding jurisdiction and deliver it to your neighbor.

Step 2: If the noise continues, submit a complaint

If the barking continues after discussing the issue with your neighbor and/or printing off the noisy pet letter, please call Larimer Humane Society to file a formal complaint. Please note that we will need the exact days and times the dog was causing a disturbance before you call. Download the barking dog incident log here .

When contacting our dispatch office, please have the following information available:

Once a formal complaint is filed, please allow the dog’s owner 7-10 days to correct the problem.

Step 3: If the violation continues after a first formal complaint is reported

If the animal disturbance continues 7-10 days after filing a formal complaint with our Animal Protection & Control department, please contact Larimer Humane Society to file a second complaint, providing the same information as listed above.
Upon receipt of a second formal complaint, Larimer Humane Society will dispatch an officer to your residence to obtain a witness statement from you and, ideally, a neighbor. When filing a second complaint, please have the name and number of a second neighbor to collaborate your testimony. Multiple statements from various parties can strengthen a case and help to rule out neighbor disputes. Please make certain you record all days and times the animal was causing a disturbance by downloading the barking dog incident log .

Please remember that it may take time to make contact with the owner and issue the summons. Also remember that all information regarding filed complaints is releasable through public record.