Larimer Humane Society field response service
Animal Protection and Control
Loveland - 2016

*7 days a week service *
*One field officer will respond as time permits (8hr shift) based on priority level *
*Shelter available to receive, find lost and adopt animals 7 days a week (except major holidays)*

Case Regular (7days/week) After hours service Priority level1
Police/fire assist x x 1
Injured domestic x x 2
Vicious animal (at large) x x 2
Wild - public safety (rabies or venomous) x x 2
Confined in hot car x x 2
Cruelty to animals x   3
Vicious animal (safely contained) x   2
Rabies testing follow-ups x   4
Public Nuisance x   5
Abandonment x   5
Animal in custody x X2 3
Bite cases x   3
Animal Negligence x   3
Dead animal pick-up on Public property x   5
Animal at large x   3
Animal Waste complaints x   5
Barking complaints x   3
Dead animal pick-up on Private Property $35 fee   6
Wild injured x   2
Wild nuisance $35 fee   3

1 - *Priority levels range from 1 - 6 (rated highest to lowest priority)
2 - *Stray in custody p/u  after hours if no other solution can be found

Rabies vector species examples: