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"Larimer Humane Society's mission is to promote and provide the humane care and treatment of animals."


School & Community Presentations

Larimer Humane Society is pleased to offer valuable humane education presentations, shelter tours, scout programs and fun activities for adults, teens and kids.  Our goal is to educate our community on the responsible care and treatment of animals in our homes, neighborhoods and adjoining lands so we can humanely co-exist with our wild kind friends, learn about animals in need, and properly care for our pets.

If you are a classroom teacher, school principal, scout leader, or service club representative, we encourage you to read about our humane education programs and sign up for a presentation today!

Class and Community Presentations
Larimer Humane Society is excited to offer educational presentations to schools, scouts and seniors, as well as community and faith-based organizations.  Our humane education presentations closely align with our mission, which is to promote and provide information on the responsible care and treatment of animals, and center around teaching others to value, respect and care about the animals residing in our community, both domestic and wild.

We are pleased to present informative lessons on a wide range of topics related to the humane care and treatment of companion animals (i.e. dogs, cats, small mammals) and information on how to peacefully co-exist with Colorado wildlife. Sample topics include responsible pet ownership, animal behavior and bite prevention, spay/neuter/pet overpopulation, careers with animals, among others.  For a complete list of our current presentations, see the tab in our Education section entitled "Presentation Topics".

We do not charge a fee for our presentations, however, we do ask that each participant consider a donation to support our lifesaving work, or perhaps provide an item from our Wish List.

School & Community Presentations FAQ

My class is studying Africa.  Can you present a lesson to our class on zebras?  What about animals native to Australia or Asia?
While Larimer Humane Society is committed to the humane and compassionate care of all animals, we limit our class and community presentations to those that align with the vision and mission of our organization.  Our vision is to lead the way toward an aware and engaged community dedicated to the compassionate and humane care of animals by promoting successful placement and responsible pet ownership. As such, our presentations are limited to the care and treatment of companion animals, and how to peacefully co-exist with the wild animals found in Colorado. For a complete list of our current presentations, please click here.

Will you bring an animal with you when you visit us?
Larimer Humane Society does not presently bring animals to accompany our humane educator and volunteers on classroom or organizational visits.  We are pleased to report, however, that we are in the process of developing an animal mascot program.  Mascot animals will be those that belong to shelter staff and have undergone extensive health and behavior evaluations in preparation for school, business and organizational visits.  While we would love to bring our shelter animals out in the community to visit, our primary goal is to keep them safe, happy and in front of prospective adopters.  Since our animals come to us as strays and/or are surrendered by previous owners, we aim to alleviate their stress by minimal movement to strange and unfamiliar locations, and keep them at our shelter location or at select off-site events where they can easily be adopted into new homes.  All our adoptable animals are available for viewing on our Website; our site is updated on an hourly basis.  Scheduled tours of the shelter are also available.

How do I sign up for a presentation?
To schedule a presentation, please send us an email with the information listed below and a member of our community relations team will follow up with you to confirm your reservation. Due to the popularity of our programs, we kindly request that you make your reservation at least three weeks in advance of the date you’re requesting.


Please send us the following information via email.

  • School/Organization
  • Contact Person (Name/Title)
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Lesson/Presentation Topic Requested
  • Technology available to Larimer Humane Society presenter (please list all that apply):  Overhead, Laptop, InFocus, SmartBoard, VCR, DVD player
  • Requested Date of Presentation
  • Requested time of presentation
  • Grade Level/Age of Students
  • Number of Students/Participants
  • Location of presentation
  • Will you hold a “wish list drive” to help the animals? (yes/no)  Please see our wish list for items needed by the shelter


I have a class assignment or school project that requires me to interview a staff member to collect information about Larimer Humane Society. How do I do this?
We encourage students to email inquiries to us AND the due date when the information is needed. Although we are happy to provide information about our programs and services, please note that we require at least two weeks notice for any school- or assignment-related inquiries. Thank you for your cooperation.


Is there a fee for a presentation?

We do not charge a fee for our presentations, however, we do ask that each participant consider a donation to support our lifesaving work, or perhaps provide an item from our Wish List.


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