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"Larimer Humane Society's mission is to promote and provide the humane care and treatment of animals."

General Contribution

A general contribution to Larimer Humane Society will benefit our animal programs including adoptions, foster care, medical treatment costs, and humane education. Donations to Larimer Humane Society create life-saving options for the animals in our care. Your contribution directly impacts the number of animals we can successfully care for every year.

Become a P.A.W. Partner

Consider making an ongoing, meaningful contribution to the animals by joining our P.A.W. (Pre-Authorized Withdrawal) Partner program. Your monthly gift will go directly to the animals by helping provide safe shelter, spay and neuter surgeries, vaccines, and nutritious food. Our P.A.W. Partners help to form a predictable source of income without the hassle of writing checks or the inconvenience of postage. Sign up or learn more!

Memorial Contributions

A memorial contribution is a wonderful way to honor the life of an animal lover or a beloved pet, allowing their spirit to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. In many cases, families will request the memorial donations be made to Larimer Humane Society in lieu of flowers. Memorial contribution are acknowledged with a card sent to the bereaved family so they know their loved one continues to impact the lives of the animals they loved.

Tribute Contributions

Celebrate a special occasion by celebrating your love for animals! A tribute contribution allows you to honor a friend, family member, pet, or yourself with a gift to Larimer Humane Society and the animals we serve. Many people request tribute contributions in lieu of gifts for birthdays or anniversaries - what a wonderful way to show you care.

Bequest & Estate Planning

Your love for animals can become your legacy when you remember Larimer Humane Society in your will. Your generous gift will impact the lives of thousands of animals, for many years to come. For information and assistance on planned giving, please contact our Development Manager at 970-226-3647, extension 230.

Workplace Giving

As a participant in the Combined Federal Employees Giving Campaign, Larimer Humane Society may be designated as a recipient of your United Way contribution. Participate this Fall at your workplace. You just need to write in Larimer Humane Society's United Way number, 8513.

Vehicle Donation Program

A free, convenient service for converting that extra car, truck or RV into a tax deductable donation benefiting the animals of Larimer Humane Society. You can donate online by clicking the icon below or call 1-866-332-1778.


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