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Behavior Help Sheets

Guide to Carrying Cats

Some cats do not like to be carried and may some aggressive behaviors when picked up. These cats are not aggressive in nature, but need space and may need to be moved more slowly than other cats.

Follow these steps when you take your cat home:

  1. Allow your cat to come out of the carrier on their own terms. Simply place the carrier down and give your cat space to come out of the carrier.

  2. Avoid picking up your cat unless you need to.

  3. Encourage your cat to come to you and even to jump into your lap.

Follow these steps to help your cat feel more comfortable when being carried:

  1. Help your cat to feel more comfortable with being lifted.

    1. Find a treat that your cat really likes. Wet cat food, tuna, and commercial cat treats usually work well.

    2. Help your cat become used to the sensation of being lifted.

      1. Touch your cat on the chest and then give some of those really tasty treats. If your cat feels uncomfortable, you may need to begin by touching your cats back.

      2. Slowly move closer to your cat’s stomach, giving treats each time you touch your cat. Your cat should be in a standing position, not lying on their back.

      3. Once you can place your hand under your cat, begin applying pressure. You should not actually be lifting your cat off the ground yet. As always, follow each touch with a tasty treat.

      4. Begin lifting only your cat’s front paws off the ground, following each scoop with a treat.

      5. Now you can begin lifting your cat off the ground for a split second.

    3. Once your cat can be lifted a couple inches off the ground, you can begin lifting your cat progressively higher.

    4. Keep sessions short, they should only last a minute or two.

If you have tried what is provided here and still have questions, contact

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 970-226-3647 ext. 513

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