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POTW 08.07

We can't wait for you to wee this week's Pets of the Week! Meet Mogley, a brown tiger stripped 14-year-old cat looking for a loving retirement home, Sully, a 10-year-old Maine Coon tha becomes fast friends with everyone he meets, and Charlie Brown, a turtle hanging out at our shelter until he finds a new best friend. 

Mogley is 14 years old, and he has seen a lot of life and still has a lot of love to give! His brown tiger pattern and big yellow eyes are sure to fascinate you. Mogley was very scared when he came to the shelter, and he will need a lot of patience and love from his new family. This senior cat is looking for a nice retirement home that will respect his space and give him the love that he needs. Mogley has been enrolled in our Pets Needing Patience program so he gets a little extra love and attention and would do best in a home with adults, or children over 12. He’s shy, but he would still like to meet you and your family! Mogley is $25.

Next we have Sully, a 10-year-old elegant Maine Coon. He is a social butterfly who is friendly with dogs and other cats alike, and enjoys the company of humans! Maine Coons are sometimes called “dogs of the cat world” and are certainly gentle giants! They are intelligent, playful, friendly, and curious. Sully has a history of house soiling, but often times this is due to stress and can be fixed. Don’t let that deter you! He has a lot of love to give and would love to meet you! His adoption fee is $25.

“Good grief!” - Charlie Brown, on why he hasn’t been adopted yet. Charlie Brown is a 3-year-old turtle who is looking for a permanent rock to set foot on! Turtles are interesting pets who enjoy swimming in their tank, basking on a heated rock, and napping. They can be fun to hold and interact with, or just watch! People are often scared of catching salmonella from reptiles, but reducing the risk is actually as easy as just washing your hands after holding a reptile! Charlie Brown is $10, and he’s hanging out at the shelter waiting for you.

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