"Larimer Humane Society's mission is to promote and provide the humane care and treatment of animals."

Aria (A462021)

Aria is a well-behaved, adult cat looking for her new home. This 4-year-old female feline enjoys ear rubs, naps, and copious petting. If that sounds like something you can get on board with, come visit Aria at the shelter. She can be your new snuggle buddy for only $25.

Aria A462021

Gigi (A462726) 

Gigi has quite the story! Rescued from a shelter in Florida and cared for by the ASPCA for months, she’s had a long journey to Larimer Humane Society. After months of medical care and behavioral enrichment, Gigi is ready to find a new family. Although she’s deaf, she is playful and prefers squeaky toys. This 5-year-old, female American Bulldog mix can be yours for $100!

Gigi A462726

Squeaks (A463446)

Squeaks is a soft and playful pet looking for a loving family. This 6-month-old, male Guinea Pig would make a great companion for a first-time pet owner or a buddy for another Guinea Pig. Stop by the shelter and visit Squeaks. He can be yours for only $15.

Squeaks A463446

A465824 IzabellaMeet Izabella, a six-year-old female Labrador/Retriever Mix. She has a lot of energy and loves to be outside playing fetch and running around...and around..and around. It is recommended that she be the only dog in your household. $100 A465824

Happy tail 03092015

Our family adopted Beckham (David Beckham De Gea) "Becks" from the Larimer Humane Society a little over a month ago. We never expected him to love him so much. We are a sworn husky dog family through and through!

Little Beckham is probably very lucky to be alive. According to his friends at Larimer Humane Society, he was found under the hood of a truck during some very frigid weather. He had a severe respiratory infection that landed him at the veterinarian's office immediately. He almost didn't make it but after a month of medications and lots and lots of TLC, he was put up for adoption. Now he lives with two kids, two huskies, a lizard and a salamander. We love him to pieces and his health problems have cleared completely!! He spends most of his time knocking things off of tables, playing fetch with his people family, jumping on the dogs when they least expect it and generally charming the heck out of anyone that meets him, but somehow this little cat won our hearts completely.

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