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Pets of the Week 2/1/16

2016-01-01-POTWIt’s February, so let’s meet some pets who need a little extra love!

Flipper’s a Beagle mix who needs a little TLC. He was found on the highway and his rescuer brought him to us. He’s only is 5 months old and can be fearful around new people. He’s been in foster care and that’s helped him quite a lot already. He can sit, he’s crate trained and he’s slowly but surely becoming more accustomed to people. He warms up to people in about 5 minutes now! He’d do best in a home without small children since he still needs a bit of time and space, but in the right home this little guy will blossom into an amazing companion! If you’ve got a calm home and some time to work with a sweet little pup, Flipper could be your amazing companion. Flipper’s adoption fee is $350.

Squeeker’s a little shy too. He’s a 7-year-old gray Domestic Long Hair cat who came to us as an owner-surrender. In the shelter he’s been a little quiet and uncertain, but once he has a place to call his own we’re certain he will warm up quickly. He needs a forever home where he can be comfortable and loved. He’s looking forward to spending the many remaining years of his life as a happy, healthy cat! Maybe you can be the family Squeeker’s been looking for. Squeeker’s adoption fee is $25.

Pancake is a 7-month-old shorthair, miniature, brown rabbit. He also came to us as an owner-surrender. If he’s going to join a family with other rabbits, he’d do best with females. He’s got a lot of potential; he just needs the right family to help him unlock it. If you can give Pancake the love he needs, he would surely make a wonderful addition to your life! Pancake’s adoption fee is $25.


Pets of the Week 1/25/16

2016-01-25-POTWChester, the 1-year-old Plott Hound Mix, came to us originally as a stray. He almost found a home, but sadly the adopter’s landlord said that they couldn’t keep him. So Chester came back to us. He's an incredibly friendly dog who is looking for a new family he can stay with forever. He can be a little pushy with other pups before he gets to know them, but he will relax once they get close. When he is with people, he is fun-loving and loves to play around. He’s got a great sense of humor and wants somebody he can make laugh!

Juicy Fruit is a 4-month-old tortoiseshell Domestic Short Hair cat. She came from one of the other shelters we work with when they ran out of space. She can be a little shy at first, but when she warms up to you she’s got a lot of spunk! She’s super-playful and would love a home where she could be a fun addition to a loving family. Come meet Juicy Fruit and you’ll have a cat with a personality that shines!

Brownie is a 1 1/2-year-old mouse with fur that looks like freshly baked brownies! She was surrendered by her owner and came to us with a little less confidence than other mice. She doesn't appear to have received much socialization in her previous home. Because we know how great she could be, we have been handling her in the shelter to help get her accustomed to the affection a forever home could give her. While she would probably do best in a home without small children, with a mature and responsible owner Brownie would be a fantastic pet!


Pets of the Week 1/18/16


Lucy is a six-year-old Akita mix who came to us as a transfer from another shelter that was running out of room for pets and we were happy to take her on. The previous shelter told us that Lucy has been around kids, cats and dogs and seems to do well with all of them. At Larimer Humane Society, she has lived up to this good report! Lucy has been playful and loving with everyone she meets. She may be a little shy, but she will surely be a loving pet for someone who can give her a gentle hand and relaxed lifestyle. Her adoption fee is $100.

Sheldon is a beautiful three-year-old lynx point Siamese mix. When his owner was going through some hard times, he was brought to us. Sheldon has spent time around a lot of other cats and has gotten along well with all of them. With us he’s been super-sweet and now he’s just looking for a nice, stable home where he can be the active, friendly young cat he’s meant to be! If you are looking for a sweet cat to warm up your home (and lap), Sheldon would be a perfect fit! His adoption fee is $25.

Lola is a five-year-old guinea pig who came to us when her previous owner was moving and couldn't take her with. Like many guinea pigs, she can be a little shy at first. However, since Lola is a little older she is very easy to handle and already loves being around people! Her favorite foods are carrots and hay and all she really needs is a good, caring home where she can relax and enjoy her golden years. If you’re looking for a friendly, calm pet to keep you company, Lola is the pet for you. Her adoption fee is $15.

Pets of the Week 1/12/16


Bob is 1-year-old Lab/Rottweiler mix who came to us from another shelter that was full and needed help finding places for all of their pets. At the shelter here he has been a nice dog. He enjoys being around people and loves being pet. This pup really just wants to play! He’s eager to learn and would do best in a home with an active family. If your family is a running, jumping, hiking and playing kind of family then maybe your home is just the one Bob is looking for! His adoption fee is $100.

Tinker and Bell are sibling cats who came to us when their owner could no longer properly care for them. Both are 5 years old - Tinker is a tuxedo Domestic Short Hair, while Bell is a calico Domestic Short Hair. They don't have to be adopted together, but they get along really well and would do amazingly if they could share a new home together. Bell is a lover and wants nothing more than to be loved in return. Tinker is a little on the shy side, but once he warms up to his new family he will love attention too. Their adoption fee is $25 each, but if you’re willing to take two wonderful cats into your home they’re $25 for the pair.

Friday is a 2-year-old brindle guinea pig. He was surrendered because his owner was allergic to him. Like all guinea pigs, he can start off really shy, but once he gets to know you he can be very friendly! If you have a home where he can have his space and know he is safe and loved, then Friday may be a perfect new pet for you! His adoption fee is $15.

Pets of the Week 1/5/16


Meet Walt, an 8-year-old fawn Chihuahua. He has been a happy little guy in the shelter - very playful and loving with people. Even though he is a bit older, with some love and care, he can continue to live a nice, long life as Chihuahuas have been known to live to 18 years of age. He loves being pet, loves to get out and play and wants nothing more than a lap to call his own. Do you think your lap would fit a sweet little dog like Walt? His adoption fee is $125.
Sarah, an 8-year-old cream tabby domestic shorthair, was brought to us when her previous humans had to move. While she was a bit shy around strangers in her past home, she did well with adults, kids, dogs and cats. Her front paws were declawed by her previous owners. In the shelter she has been a little shy and is a member of our Pets Needing Patience program. We think she will warm up quickly in a new home. Sarah is just an all-around good cat and is looking for a new home to call her own. Why don’t you come see if your home is a purr-fect fit for Sarah? Her adoption fee is $25.

Say hello to Leroy and Tucker, the 7-year-old Red Eared Sliders. These guys came to us because their owner just didn't have the time to take care of them anymore. We see a lot of sliders come through our doors and they have a difficult time finding new homes, but these turtles are great pets! They acclimate to new homes easily and will come to greet you with excitement when they get to know you. They will need a large aquarium and enough water to spend time swimming around, a place to relax outside of the water and a warm temperature. Taken care of properly these guys can easily live to be 20. Their adoption fee is $10 each.

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