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September 10th, 2014

Pets of the Week


Evergreen (A375658)

I am the cat that likes adventure, but I also love to cuddle. I can be “purrfectly” happy doing my own thing and making my own entertainment, but you also might catch me snuggling in your lap while you are reading a book. You can bring me home for $15 today!

Buddy Buddy (A280284)

They call me “Buddy” for a reason. I am the perfect “buddy” to stay by your side.  I am a pretty laidback and love just lounging around the house.  I don’t mind short walks, but what I really love is just hanging out with you around the house. Take me home for only $100

Bull Bull (A450843)

If you are looking for a small, cute and low maintenance companion, then I am your mouse! I can be the perfect little addition to your home for $5!

September 3rd, 2014

Pets of the Week


Jello (A440509)

I am a beautiful calico short-hair that is ready to come home with you.  I am 9-years-old and I am one of those kitties that can do my own thing and stay out of trouble, but there for a companion when you need me. Take me home today for only $15!

Rusty Rusty (A451736)

Pleased to meet you! I am Rusty, a Queensland heeler that loves to have fun. I am a bit of a goofball and looking for that perfect family that I can run around and play with.  I can be your new play buddy for $50.

Belle Belle (A449879)

My name is Belle, and I am sure to be the bell of the ball, or at least your home.  “No-bunny” can stop me from being so adorable.  If you want to add a little fluff to your life then come and check me out at Poudre Pet and Feed Supply’s east location! I can go home with you for $25.

August 27, 2014

Pets of the Week


Porter (A398856) 

My Name is Porter and if you are looking for a feline friend that will stick by you, then I am "purrfect." i am only six and like spending my time cuddling and just hanging out. i am afraid of dogs and strangers, but once I get to know you, get ready for a great companion. You can take me home for $25.

Coco Coco (A398856)
Hi! I'm Coco. I am eight years old and such a happy Labrador! So happy in face that people tell me I have a "happy tail" condition. I have a lor of energy (classified as "Go Getter" in our Meet Your Match program) and looking for the perfect friend to keep up with me. i am very friendly with kids and other dogs and would love to go home with you for $100.
Kentucky Kentucky (A452118)
II am a 3-month-old white duck looking for a nice place to call my own. I would love some space to raom and waddle about. Adopt me and I will "quack you up" for only $5.

August 6, 2014

Pets of the Week

Aang Aang (A446527)Aang (A446527)
I am a black and white, short-haired, neutered Chihuhua mix.  At just over a year old, I've seen my share of heartache so I'm a little fearful, but am becoming more confident every day.   I really need a home without children under 12. When you're only the size of a seedless watermelon, you really need your very own special person to love. Could that be you?  Oh, I hope so!  Classified as a "Constant Companion" in our Meet Your Match program, I can go home with your for $100.  
Tebow Tebow (381651)Tebow (381651)
Just in time for the "pre-season" -- I'm ready to sit somewhere in your vicinity while you watch the big game.  I'm a two-year-old neutered male who, although I love, love, love being petted, I appreciate my own personal space. I need to have a few places to hide until we bond and can "get into the huddle" together.  $25
Logan Logan (A447818)Logan (A447818)
If you're looking for someone to "wake up with" every morning, I'm your man!  I'm a six-month-old rooster just waiting to "cocka doodle doo" my way into your heart and your back yard -- but only if you live outside the city limits.  You'll never be late for work again if you come adopt me!  Only $5

July 2, 2014

Pets of the Week

Delilah A444982 Delilah (A444982)
Beautiful, 2-year-old Delilah is the perfect first pet for a loving family. All she needs is a comfortable cage and for her humans to give her care and attention. This parakeet can brighten up your home for an adoption fee of just $15.
Olivia A442523 Olivia (A442523)
This 5-month-old kitten will steal your heart. Olivia, a female Domestic Shorthair cat has been waiting a long time for her forever home. Visit this loving kitten at the shelter and take her home for $125 today.
Ox A446479 Ox (A446479)
Ox is a 7-year-old, male black labrador retriever that wants nothing more than to curl up on the couch with you. His adventurous days are behind him and now he enjoys short walks to his food bowl and back with naps in between! If you’re looking for a loving canine that lives and breathes for his humans, Ox is the devoted companion for you. Adopt Ox for $100 at the shelter today.

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