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Happy Tails

Please note, in order to include all of the wonderful stories that we can, your adoption story and/or photo will appear on this page for 30 days. Thank you!

Adoption Stories Submission

If you would like your adoption story to be posted, please send us a photo and/or a small paragraph about the pet(s) you have adopted from Larimer Humane Society! Please send your photos in a "jpg" file format. Please note that text submissions and pictures may be edited for space or printed in our shelter newsletter, thank you!

You may submit your stories online.


Who's The Boss?


Ali Rules the Roost

After losing his two beloved cats, Scott decided to head to Larimer Humane Society to see if he could find a feline that fit well with his lifestyle. He was looking for a loving cat that liked to be held. Within seconds of standing near her cage, Ali came up to the front bars and started “talking” to Scott, telling him that she was the one.

“During my visit, she crawled all over me purring like a motorboat,” Scott remembers.

And the rest is history. Scott took Ali home and she immediately let the other pets know that she was the boss. She loves being held and can get a little feisty if you aren’t showing her the attention she deserves.

Do YOU have a “Happy Tail” to tell? Email us and share your story of adoption!




An Unexpected Match

As a tribute to their dear Golden Retriever whom they lost just weeks before the event, the Olsens decided to attend the Top Cat & Tails Gala to help raise money for the animals needing homes. With no intention of adopting that night, the Olsens watched excitedly as community members raised their bid numbers to adopt the special pets parading through the ballroom. Then, Twilight trotted on stage: a beautiful, blue merle Australian Shepherd with twinkling eyes and long, soft fur. As he made his way through the crowd, it seemed as if he kept looking their way! And the rest, as they say, is history. Twilight joined his new family the next day.

Since then, it’s been nothing but couch time with their other dog, Luna and cat, Guinness, playing ball and visiting with the grandchildren. At the most unexpected time, Twilight found what he’d been missing and completed the Olsen’s family.



MistyHappy Tails: Priceless Poodle

After losing her Golden Retriever in 2006, Marianne Mitchell decided she wanted her next furry friend to be a Poodle. She contacted a breeder but was no longer interested in a bred Poodle puppy after realizing how much it would cost. Instead Marianne began checking Larimer Humane Society’s website regularly to see which dogs were available for adoption.

In late June of 2006 Marianne noticed a Standard Poodle on the adoption list and rushed to Larimer Humane Society to adopt Mystique, or Misty for short.

“Adopting Misty from a shelter was a good idea on so many levels,” Marianne said. “She had perfect manners, was people friendly, had all her shots and was spayed and micro-chipped. A Poodle puppy from the breeder would have cost ten times more and would have needed training.”

Misty’s smarts and loveable personality even landed her a job as a Pet Partner through the Delta Society in Marianne’s current hometown of Tucson, Arizona. Misty was trained to become a therapy dog, and now she and Marianne help children learn to read through the Read to a Dog program in Tucson. “She gets so excited when it’s time to head for a school or library to meet the kids,” Marianne said of Misty.

When she isn’t at work, Misty enjoys chasing lizards in the backyard and being groomed by Marianne. Misty is a friendly hostess, too, and will offer her favorite Teddy bear to visitors. She loves eating snow peas from the garden and Marianne’s homemade biscuits.

Marianne would like to thank Misty’s previous owner, who had to give Misty up due to health problems, for loving and caring for such a great dog. Every year on the day Misty was adopted, Marianne celebrates by offering a donation to the Larimer Humane Society.

“Misty is complete joy,” Marianne said. “She makes us laugh, gives us comfort and inspires us every day.” Misty even has her own blog, themystique-misty.blogspot.com, so kids from the Read to a Dog program can see what she’s up to.



MilesHappy Tails: Making a House a Home

Lauren Seidl and her boyfriend Ryan Haunfelder went to Larimer Humane Society in September of 2011 in search of a companion to help make their family complete. The couple had moved to Colorado from Wisconsin just a month before, and they wanted a feline friend to help them feel more at home.

After having already visited with two kittens and feeling unsure, Ryan suggested looking at one of the three kittens in the lobby. When Lauren went to choose her last kitten to visit with for the day, the only one left sleeping in the cage was a deep gray tabby named Tic-Tac.

“As soon as we had her in the room I knew she was the kitten for us,” Lauren said. “She started purring when I picked her up and I immediately felt a connection.”

Now Tic-Tac goes by the name of Miles, and she’s the center of Lauren and Ryan’s make-shift family. Miles always has to be in the middle of all the action, even if that means perching on Lauren or Ryan’s shoulders to see what’s happening.

When she isn’t cuddling or sleeping, Miles loves to play. Her favorite game, surprisingly, is fetch. She lets Lauren or Ryan know she wants to play by bringing one of them her toy mouse and anxiously waiting for it to be tossed. “I’ve never had a cat that played fetch,” Lauren said. “She’ll retrieve anything from a paper ball to a twisty tie. It’s hilarious to watch her prance up to me with a toy in her mouth.”

Lauren and Ryan are thankful to have found such an affectionate and playful kitten. “Our lives wouldn’t be the same without Miles,” Lauren said. “She really turned our house into a home.”



MacGyver2Happy Tail: Action, Adventure and a Whole lot of Love

Bryony Fuller and Jon Wardell went to Larimer Humane Society in April of 2010 in search of a pet that could keep up with their active lifestyle. They found an athletic-looking litter of Cattle Dog-Labrador mix puppies and knew that was the breed for them. Rather than picking the strongest pup of the litter, Bryony and Jon chose the sweet-heart of the bunch, Vlad, who now goes by MacGyver.

“MacGyver was playful, smart and very sweet,” Bryony said, “All he wanted to do was play and cuddle, and when we looked at him we just knew he was our dog.”

Over a year later, MacGyver is still a happy-go-lucky dog who loves to snuggle. “Even though he is 55 pounds, he will find a way to curl up in your lap if you let him,” Bryony said. This loving dog even helps with the dishes; he enjoys licking them clean as they’re loaded into the dishwasher. MacGyver knows his manners, too, and will thank Bryony and Jon for feeding him by giving them a loving nudge or lick after he eats.

When he’s not out hiking or chasing rabbits, MacGyver enjoys showing off his tricks. His favorite is “stick ‘em up,” in which he stands on his hind legs and holds his front paws high above his head.

Bryony and Jon are incredibly happy to have made MacGyver part of their lives. “MacGyver is our ‘K-9 unit,’” Bryony said. “He is a true part of our family, and his kind heart and eagerness to please makes everyone happier just to be around him. He is also our running buddy, hunting partner and campsite scout.”

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