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Happy Tails

Please note, in order to include all of the wonderful stories that we can, your adoption story and/or photo will appear on this page for 30 days. Thank you!

Adoption Stories Submission

If you would like your adoption story to be posted, please send us a photo and/or a small paragraph about the pet(s) you have adopted from Larimer Humane Society! Please send your photos in a "jpg" file format. Please note that text submissions and pictures may be edited for space or printed in our shelter newsletter, thank you!

You may submit your stories online.


Happy Tail! Kristine and Ginger

Kristine and GingerI had adopted Ginger about two weeks ago after suffering multiple personal losses over the past couple of years.  One of my losses was my cat of 15 years, Willow.  Ginger has proven to be a ball of energy, kick starting my other cat, Lily, into high gear constantly. Lily and Willow had been the best of friends so it is heartwarming, to say the least, that Lily has taken to Ginger in this way.  Ginger is a very healthy and happy addition to my family and I say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all the people that work at the Larimer Humane Society for all that you do.  I am very lucky to have Ginger in my home, and Ginger is very lucky there are people around that value an animal's life like you all do.  

Much gratitude,
Kristine S.

Happy Tail! Caxy (aka Basil)

Caxy aka BasilWe adopted Basil from Larimer Humane around 3 months ago.  When we first brought Basil home all he wanted to do was hide, it didn’t matter where as long as it was dark. We ended up putting him in our spare bedroom next to ours which didn’t have any furniture, but he quickly made use of the closet to hide in. He was absolutely terrified of anything new and any noise  that I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever truly see the real Basil. It took a few days until he finally wanted to socialize with us, and of course it happened at 4AM, but it was a pretty big breakthrough for him to even come out of his “bunker”.

Each week he got a little bit better and finally started coming out in to the main part of the house, but he was still hiding at noises and hid under our bed during the day. This continued for around a month and a half.  My sisters watched all of the cats while we were gone for a trip in August, and only then did we actually get to see the real Basil. He is such a sweet boy even though he gets in trouble with our two female cats.  He doesn’t hide anymore unless we have people over but with the progress he’s made since we’ve had him I don’t see that trait being permanent. I am very thankful that we’ve been able to get him out of his shell and that we came in that day. ~The Booth Family

Happy Tail-Diesel

Diesel for August CTCT

We adopted Diesel about 3 months ago after just coming in to look around and my husband fell in love with this beautiful boy! At first we just wanted to visit and get him out of the kennel but after about 5 minutes we were ready to take him home!

He's just so amazing! He already knew his basic commands and was crate and house trained! He's great with my 5 and 2 year old kids and my two 8 year old rat terriers. I don't think he has a mean bone in his body!

He has just become another one of our kids and we take him everywhere we can! We absolutely love him and are so thankful to Larimer Humane for saving this sweet boy and we were able to give him a home!~ Crystal, Jimmy and kids.

Thank you Heska for helping Kane to deal with his allergies.


 A435191 Kane
Kane and new owner 

This is our friend Kane, a four-year-old Pit Bull. When Kane came to the shelter we noticed that he has allergies that made him pretty uncomfortable. Working in partnership with Heska we have begun immunotherapy (allergy drops) to help bring Kane's allergies under control. Heska is a wonderful Loveland based company that is dedicated to perfecting and supporting the core technology and services that truly impact the quality of pet care and help to ensure positive outcomes for veterinarians and their patients.  Kane was recently adopted!! We appreciate Heska's support and hope that together we can improve Kane's quality of life in his new forever home!

Click here for more information on Heska.



Happy Tail! Data has been adopted!!

DataData arrived at Larimer Humane Society after spending time in three other shelters.. Immediately, our Animal Care team realized why he had been a challenge - his energy level was extremely high.  Soon after his arrival, he was enrolled in our Mellow Mutts program. He already knew "sit" and "down", so we started him on 4-on-the-floor, teaching him to sit instead of jump when staff or volunteers waited in front of the kennel.

 We did clicker-training in his kennel twice per day with him. He was extremely responsive to the clicker, and very food motivated. The clicker training was followed by working with him on sit-stay and impulse control when he was being taken out of the kennel. A volunteer helped with an additional training session in the afternoon. An anti-anxiety medication was added to the training, which helped him stop jumping and spinning in the kennel. As we continued to work with him, the change in Data's behavior and anxiety level was dramatic. He went from a difficult hard to handle dog to a sweet loving and well behaved pet.

Data found his forever home on August 10th. We are so happy that he is getting the love and attention he so desperately needs and deserves.

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