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Happy Tails


Nikita_and_Lulu_3Happy Tail: Two cats are better than one

In Late August 2009, Sally Sutton went to the Larimer Humane Society in search of a cat. She found a beautiful young Blue-Point Snowshoe named Snow. After seeing how much of a “people cat” Snow was, Sally had to adopt her.

After just one day of having Snow in her home, Sally realized her new cat was so social that she needed a cat companion. Two days after Snow’s adoption, Sally found a fluffy, 14-week-old tabby at Larimer Humane Society named Boots and brought her home.

Snow and Boots, who now go by Nikita and Lulu, have been inseparable since the day they were brought together. “They immediately became best friends who hang out together about 90 percent of the time,” Sally said of her adopted kitties. “They love to watch birds at the feeder and they play hide and seek all over the house.”

These best buds love to spend time with each other, but they also have their own respectful hobbies. Nikita is an avid shoe collector. She earned the nickname “Imelda” after Imelda Carlos, a First Lady of the Philippines who was estimated to have had around 3,000 pairs of shoes.

Lulu is more into birds than shoes. Like any true bird-watcher, Lulu loves to practice her bird calls. According to Sally, Lulu’s practice has paid off; she’s become a very talented chirper.

Nikita and Lulu’s fuzzy friendship keeps them busy all day. “They get into a lot of mischief,” Sally said, “but they are a delight to have around.”

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