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Happy Tails


juneauHappy Tail: Blue-Eyed Beauty

Emily Kretschmar and her husband went to Larimer Humane Society in July of 2011 to find a fuzzy companion. They began by visiting the dog room, where Emily took her time carefully looking into each kennel. As soon as Emily’s eyes met the bright blue gaze of a Husky named Juneau, she knew she’d found the pet for her.

“We have always loved Huskies, and she was this petite little blue-eyed thing that I felt instantly connected with,” Emily said. After visiting with Juneau, Emily admitted defeat to her well-mannered personality and adorable looks. “She had already snuck her way into my heart, and we hadn't even left the shelter!” Emily said.

Juneau’s name hasn’t changed since leaving the shelter, although Emily admits that she’ll respond to anything. True to her sled dog roots, Juneau can’t get enough snow. She begs to go outside the day the first flakes fall. She also enjoys going on walks as well as riding in the car with the windows rolled down and the wind in her fur.

Juneau has become a loving and affectionate part of Emily’s family. She snuggles with Emily and her husband each night and wakes them with a kiss each morning. Juneau is also great at cheering up her adoptive parents.

“When we are having a bad day, she knows just what kind of silly move to pull that will get us laughing,” Emily said. “We love her so much and are so thankful to Larimer Humane Society for helping us find her. I can't imagine our lives without her!”

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