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Happy Tails

Please note, in order to include all of the wonderful stories that we can, your adoption story and/or photo will appear on this page for 30 days. Thank you!

Adoption Stories Submission

If you would like your adoption story to be posted, please send us a photo and/or a small paragraph about the pet(s) you have adopted from Larimer Humane Society! Please send your photos in a "jpg" file format. Please note that text submissions and pictures may be edited for space or printed in our shelter newsletter, thank you!

You may submit your stories online.


Happy Tail! April

2016-01-22-HT-AprilMy fiancé and I adopted April (now named Aspen) about six weeks ago, and she has brought endless joy to our lives. She lives with us on an equine property where she has several other dogs to play with daily and an endless stream of puppy adoring people to give her pets, and of course, treats! She is constantly socialized, and continues to thrive in nearly all situations! She's been such an easy puppy! Her training has come along effortlessly! At 14 weeks, she's almost 100% potty trained, and she has mastered sit, stay, down, come, and is learning shake! We just adore our little girl and are so thankful to have found her. Thank you Larimer Humane for this little bundle of personality! She makes us smile every day!


Happy Tail! Loki and Eevee


We’ve had cats from Larimer Humane Society in the past, but they passed away a couple of years ago. They were very special and it took a while before we’re ready to have cats again in our home. In November, a coworker who fosters brought a kitten into work. It was immediately apparent that I missed having cats at home. I discovered that there were kittens at Larimer Humane Society the day after Thanksgiving, and I knew I wasn’t going home without two cats. I know cats do better when they have a friend and that’s why I specifically was looking for a pair of cats.

Loki and Eevee are loving and feisty and very rewarding, especially for my two kids. My six year-old son and eight year-old daughter are ready for the responsibility of pet care and it has been a fun experience.

Happy Tail! Bindi

bindiAfter two years without our previous feline family members, we were ready for a new family member to join us. We fell in love with (formerly known as Hazel) Bindi! Within an hour, we were home with our girl and she acted like she had lived her forever. She is beautiful, fun, patient and a purrring machine. She sleeps with us at night and adores our two small children and vice versa. Thank you Larimer Humane Society. You do great work and we are so happy you are in our community to take care of precious pets like Bindi until they find their forever homes. You are a blessing and we are grateful. here is a photo of our youngest, Bodhi, with his new feline friend. Just a boy and his cat!

Happy Tail! Hank

HankJust wanted to send you guys a quick thank you for all you do. This past June, I adopted Marley (now Hank) from your shelter, and he is absolutely amazing. He now spends his time lounging on the couch or going on fun Colorado adventures. The job that you guys do is very difficult, but so important. Thank you for bringing Hank and I together... He is truly the love of my life.

Happy Tail! Cleo

CLeo"Our little Cleo was found last June as a stray with a severely broken leg. Although the leg had to be completely removed, she worked her charm on us and we had to bring her home to join our family. You would never know that she had been through unimaginable pain and fear. My daughter and I volunteer with the kitties and when we first saw her in the strays room, her name was Mariposa and she was just so sweet and talkative - gotta love siamese kitties! She runs our house, which is no easy task considering we also have Linus, a sometimes cranky Russian Blue we adopted from LHS in Sept. 2014, a Boxer and a Boston Terrier. She definitely was born with a spare leg because she never lets the fact that she now only has 3 affect how she zooms around. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more friendly girl. Her curious personality and her love for cuddling just goes to show what a little compassion and dedication from those at Larimer Humane Society can do to ensure a happy ending for our kitty...and us! THANK YOU!"


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