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Please note, in order to include all of the wonderful stories that we can, your adoption story and/or photo will appear on this page for 30 days. Thank you!

Adoption Stories Submission

If you would like your adoption story to be posted, please send us a photo and/or a small paragraph about the pet(s) you have adopted from Larimer Humane Society! Please send your photos in a "jpg" file format. Please note that text submissions and pictures may be edited for space or printed in our shelter newsletter, thank you!

You may submit your stories online.



Charlie Happy Tail Chihuahua sized

When three-year old Charlie’s humans came to Larimer Humane Society, they fell in love with his wagging tail and enthusiasm for treats. They couldn’t resist taking him out to play, even though they hadn’t been planning to adopt a new family member that day.

Once they sat in a meeting room with Charlie, he just wanted to be held, and even let them hold him like a baby. That sealed the deal, and Charlie went to his forever home that day.

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Jake adoption photo

Champion’s life hasn’t been easy. As a pit bull mix growing up in an area where others in his breed are banned and often euthanized, the outlook for his future was gloomy. To make matters worse, Champion wasn’t just unwanted he was also a victim of cruelty and neglect.

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Before he found his forever home, Fox lived in an abusive situation for a few months. Larimer Humane Society was able to put him up for adoption so he could find a new, safe home.

He found it when his new parents came to the shelter “just to look”…but with an idea of what they wanted. They were hoping for a smaller dog to keep their older dog, Jack, company. Fox caught their eye because of his quiet curiosity. When they spent some time with Fox, they loved how gentle he was, and they fell in love.

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Nearly ten years ago, a six-month old kitten named Amelia waited at Larimer Humane Society for her forever family. She recognized them right away, and when the man stuck his finger in her cage, Amelia nuzzled right up against it, then fell asleep near the edge of the cage. In addition to this sweet bonding, her curiosity also made her stand out to her family, and they took her home.

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Lewis Happy Tail sized

Lewis came to Larimer Humane Society as a stray cat. He had scratches on his head and was missing most of his tail. Despite these battle scars from his days on the street, he may have lived most of his former life with a family, because he’s very affectionate towards people and with Larimer Humane Society's help he found a human to call his own!

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