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Pets of the Week 02/12/2018

POTW 02.12Welcome to pets of the week! Do you like to take things slowly? Well, so do the pets we are featuring this week! Today we are introducing Butters, a five-year-old terrier/bulldog mix who needs patience and love, Abby, a sensitive three-year-old cat who needs respect and her own space, and Bowser, a five-year-old red-eared slider who would love to hang out!

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Pets of the Week 02/05/2018

POTW 02.05This week is all about girl power! We are featuring three amazing female animals for Pets of the Week. Chloe is a 13-year-old calico who would love a big family, Lilly is an eight-year-old tabby who could use only a few role models in her life, and Sheila is one of many turtle friends we have available right now!

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Pets of the Week 01/30/2018

IMG 2119It’s time for Pets of the Week! This week all of our pets are as adorable as they are unique, and each will need a special home. Today we are featuring Watson, a nine-year-old male Keeshond who needs attentive humans, Toby, a two-year-old high energy cat who loves to play, and Mabeline, a fluffy brown rabbit who wants to rule her own kingdom!

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Pets of the Week 01/22/2018

POTW 01.22We can’t wait to introduce to you this weeks’ Pets of the Week! This week we are featuring a handsome three-year-old male Lab mix named Buddy, a black and white four-year-old, male cat named Goomba, and a one-year-old rooster, Sir Clucks-A-Lot!

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Pets of the Week 01/15/2018

POTW 01.15Meet our pets of the week! Today we are featuring Delilah, a gentle Labrador mix who loves attention, Suggie, a very friendly solid white cat, and Zues, a lizard who would very much enjoy hanging out with some people!

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Pets of the Week 01/08/2018

POTW 01.08

Meet this week’s Pets of the Week! Avey is an eight-year-old, female Boxer mix with lots of energy and lots of love to give, Jacquelyn is a six-year-old female cat that is sweet but shy and looking for a second chance at a loving new home and little Champagne is a four-month-old, male Guinea Pig that came to us as a stray.

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