"Larimer Humane Society's mission is to promote and provide the humane care and treatment of animals."

To Purchase in Person

To purchase a pet license in person, please visit Larimer Humane Society's administrative offices located at 5137 S. College Avenue or our shelter located at 6317 Kyle Avenue.

Pet licenses can also be purchased through a participating veterinarian or through other locations throughout northern Colorado. Chicken and duck licenses can be purchased in person only through an Animal Protection & Control officer or at the Larimer Humane Society administrative offices located at 5137 S. College Avenue. 

Learn more about the process of owning urban agriculture including chickens, ducks and goats in Fort Collins, Loveland and Larimer County and contact Bill Porter, Director of Animal Protection & Control at bporter@larimerhumane.org or call 530-2954 to begin the process.

To Purchase by Mail

  1. Print out the License Application (or if you cannot print this Application, simply copy the information requested)
  2. Make a copy of your pet’s current Rabies Vaccination Certificate. If you do not have a Rabies Certificate for your pet, contact your veterinarian.
  3. If your animal has been spayed/neutered, include a copy of the Sterilization Certificate (if the information is not correct on the rabies certificate). If you do not have a copy of this Certificate, contact your veterinarian.
  4. Consult the License Fee Schedule above to determine the amount owed
  5. Include a check payable to Larimer Animal Protection & Control for the amount of the License. Mail to: Larimer Animal Protection & Control, Licensing Department, 5137 South College Ave. , Fort Collins, CO 80525.

To Purchase by Phone

Please call 970-226-3647 (extension 201) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.  A licensing assistant will assist you.